We are putting a lot of effort into supporting the many highly motivated and diverse Educatefor.life Sprint teams and offering financial sponsorships in partnership with our sponsors.


The results achieved by the Sprint Teams will define the character and scope of the new alternatives to the existing Education systems we aim at designing and testing during the Sprint. So needless to say, we go all-in when it comes to opening doors and providing useful access for these teams.


If you too have an interest in the success of new Future-of-Education initiatives, then you are invited as a Sponsor.


Sponsorships can come in many forms and shapes, either as earmarked recognition or funding of a certain type of initiative (i.e. for Children's education or Adult education in a particular area or with a specific goal that supports your interests).


It may also be that you want to support a local team in your country or teams that are working in any other category of your choice.

We are open to discuss the various type of sponsorships and how it can work for you to sponsor.

Team Sponsor

Sponsor a Team

As a Team Sponsor, you get access to follow all Sprint teams and choose which team you wish to sponsor


$ Ask

Theme Sponsor

Sponsor a Theme

As a Theme Sponsor, you are part of opening doors to teams working within a particular theme


$ Ask

Regional Sponsor

Sponsor activities in Your Region

Regional Sponsors play a key role in enabling regional activities such as workshops for all participants


$ Ask

What’s in it for you:
  • You can directly contribute to the development of innovative ideas/products/services by recognizing and rewarding the work of the Sprint Team(s) and potentially advise them or connect them in your network(s)

  • You can directly influence the implementation of the idea(s) the Sprint team(s) develop and share their success  

  • You further explore the subject of your interest by providing valuable support to like-minded enthusiasts

  • You become part of a unique and highly motivated community which shares the same values and interests, expand your network and get recognized for your support  

  • Sponsorships may lead to investments later on and we want to see new businesses, products and services and new alternatives to the education systems as outcome from our Sprint. If you have similar interests, you can connect to new innovation and highly motivated individuals and teams as part of Educatefor.Life

  • Your sponsorship and your organization will get promoted and appreciated in our community, through social media, direct mail campaigns and will get exposure to our partners

  • You will be the first to know of new initiatives in our community, that will be of relevance to you. Our matchmaking between initiatives and community partners make this happen

Meet a Sponsor:

Fastrack Institute is proud to be a key sponsor and active partner of the Educatefor.Life open innovation initiative. 


The Fastrack and Exponential Organizations methodologies will be used to facilitate an experimental Global Open Innovation Sprint.

Meet This

2019 Pro Team from

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Gloria Figueroa Ortiz

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Directora, UPB Virtual

Lillyana Uribe

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Communicative design producer,

UPB Virtual

A Sponsor can also be someone participating in the Sprint in any other role, a representative of an Educational institution, City or Country government agency, commercial business, or it could be some other type of sponsorship.

We will contact you shortly after receiving your registration as a Sponsor to discuss your options in more details.

We hope you will enjoy playing with us for a radically better Future of Education. We are an ambitious community and we welcome you to be part of it.

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