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Lars Lin Villebaek

Founder & CEO, Sprinthero,

Founder of Educatefor.Life &  PlanetPilot.org

Profile Summary

  • Serial Social Impact Entrepreneur with electronics engineering background and ExO Coaching expertise. 

  • Founder of Educatefor.Life, a global, Virtual Community-of-Practice (VCoP) that collaborates to design and implement new paradigms for the Future of Education 

  • Founder of Planetpilot.org, an Educatefor.Life initiative working for A Healthy Planet Managed by Empowered Kids

  • Frequent Public Speaker on the Future of Work, Future of Education, Transformation of Mindset, Personal Massive Transformative Purpose etc. 

  • Contributor to publications from Gartner Group, OpenExO and others

  • Edutech, Fintech and Healthtech ventures founded in China, India, Denmark, UK

  • 5 years of experience coaching and facilitating transformation & innovation Sprints across the world with Fortune500 and other large organizations, incl Gov entities such as DEWA, Dubai

  • Founding group member of ExO Works and OpenExO

  • Leadership-, commercial & technical roles at Ericsson, Gartner, Danaher

  • Founder,CEO of Sprinthero, a Hong Kong based specialized Sprint design and facilitation business that customizes innovation- & transformation processes for desired outcome in society and organizations

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Future of Education

Future of Work

Our (currently) only habitable planet is experiencing massive disruption of all aspects of life, business, markets, industries -and our future will be dramatically different from the past. We just do not know what that future really looks like, how we are going to make a living, maintain a healthy planet, stay safe and healthy and how we can organize ourselves to be adaptable to the rapidly accelerating change.

Fortunately human beings are creative and have transformed society many times through our history -so we can do it again.

If educational institutions are too expensive or closed for pandemic reasons, if our companies are going bankrupt due to sudden irrelevancy, if our individual roles in the workforce change, requiring us to quickly re-skill to contribute to our community again, what do we do?

How our world is changing -and how we can change the world -are key subjects presented by Lars Lin in the context of future of Education and Future of Work

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