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Closing the Adult Skillgap


Building a world-wide community of ed-tec experts, trainers, facilitators, users and organizations to exchange experiences and tools to engage in a lifelong learning journey for adults




Secure head space for learning by spending your learning time in environments that are supportive and inspiring -in particular if you are a non-neurotypical learner!

No more classroom stress! Because Education is too important to happen in schools


Check back here soon, our sign-up page is almost ready!

Zen Masters

Creating the book on self-regulation, mindfulness and non-violent communication for kids aged 9+.

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Enable Adapptive Learning

For an uncertain future

Adappture helps you identify which which capabilities and competencies you require for the future




WOM’UP is a data-driven social good community helping women with low economic opportunity and literacy skills to gain 60 minutes per day to have time to learn and develop their activity.

Our first pilot will be in Morocco.


More info about WOM'UP:



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