The Educatefor.Life Paradigm #1: Self-educate based on your innate, inner drive when time is right

The future paradigm of Education shall liberate everyones innate, inner drive, give them their full autonomy to educate themselves -and make it happen within their own ideal daily personal time cycles.

Scientific research has time and time again shown how our biological clock has a profound impact on our learning ability throughout the day, how we are flourishing and performing at different time of day (or night) with peaks, troughs and recovery periods and how individual these cycles are for each of us.

The traditional school schedules such as school bell rings 8am with the start of first lesson is for most of us either too early or too late for our bio clock. In the existing mass-schooling paradigm, the educational activities get structured to accommodate the school, the staff and the administrative needs of the educators, not the students' needs.

Time has come to change that! With the help of technology and community or tribe-like approaches to self-education (with others or by yourself) outside of typical class-room environments, we will create a new normal where your educational activities take place when you are ready for them to happen -to optimise your learning and help you live a richer and more convenient life with your loved ones.

We foresee this can also generate positive impact on other societal challenges in our urban lives with our approach to education, including but not limited to

  • Reducing the time needed for commuting/transportation by providing more local offline -and more online learning & educational opportunities with those nearby or online who share your individual innate, inner drive and possibly a similar biological clock.

  • Reduction of rush hour congestions when everyone work on their own schedule

  • Making educational activities more interesting: Your self-education should be only with fellow students around you who really want to achieve the same as you do.

  • Inspiring environments: No more classes in traditional "school mass-production lines". Cities around the world are being enriched with more and more fantastic learning environments such as music halls, science parks, museums etc. but also bookshops, libraries, cafes, co-work spaces, co-living spaces and many other type of creative and more inspiring environments are available to most of us wherever we live. Not to forget our homes, of which some of these could be turned into hospitable host environments for the duration of local, educational activities in an "Airbnb-like model". See our description of our "Zero Classrooms" paradigm for more discussions of this aspect.

To go deeper into the art and science (mostly science) of working on a daily schedule based on your personal clock, we recommend Daniel Pink's book "When".

Get his own warm-up right here if you are not familiar with his work

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