Sean Hinton

Everyone, meet Sean, Founder and CEO of

Skyhive is the world's first competency discovery tool and it has been built with purpose, AI and a deep respect for individual human beings and how they can each impact our world positively -if only they get a little help to discover new paths forward.

Sean has been on his own journey, that has taken him from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges with focus on local community economic development in the very vast geography of Canada over helping agriculture farmers in Paraguay, motorcycle safety training in India through interesting corporate leadership experiences (and what he calls a "golden handcuff period") at Whitewater, the world's largest water park developer until he discovered his next step, building with an incredible team in Vancouver, BC., Canada.

Sean talks about the long journey most people need to go though to get to their purpose (unless you are a Mark Zuckerberg-like person who gets the breakthrough idea early on) and how Kofi Annan, conflicts in Syria and his children all played key roles for Sean's discovery of his purpose.

Sean presented himself, his story and his purpose at our 23.January 2019 community call right below here and left quite a few nuggets of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Jump right in and enjoy the inspiration from this lesson on finding purpose and so many other aspects of life.

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