Meet us at the Campus Party (South Africa and Netherlands Edition)

If you have not already seen it in our Events section (inside our community platform), you can enjoy this massive, online event Campus Party in the coming days.

Specifically, Lars Lin from Educatefor.Life will be in a panel with Brent Hutcheson Director of CARE for EDUCATION and Lindsay Wesner Director, Innovation Coach and Chief Edumagineer at Teach.Learn.Innovate to introduce "New ways to deliver learning, fit for the changing world". This takes place 11.July from 11-11:30am SAST. The direct link to the session is here.

You should also meet Crystal To and Lars Lin introducing Planet Pilot, the recently launched initiative from our Educatefor.Life community Sprint. This happens 12:30am SAST also 11.July via this link

The huge number of great sessions 24/7 these days should be enough to stop by to absorb some of the high-octane energy at the event and lots of new inspiration.

Hope to see you there!

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