Meet Claus Amann and Peter Sørensen

Claus Amann and Peter Soerensen from Denmark represent the good older generation of successful management consultants and businessmen who, after coming across the Exo community some 2-3 years ago decided to become entrepreneurs and started a new business together Both Claus and Peter have gained a lot of experience working with small and medium size companies (SMEs) while keeping an eye on the latest trends in technology. After coming across the Exo community they realized that most of the traditional methods they used to apply in their work are now obsolete, and if SMEs are to survive when things happen so fast, they should be approached and guided in a very different way.

Peter Sorensen

One of the biggest issues which concerns Claus and Peter at the moment is the lack of education for adults – both in general and within SMEs. This has been and still is neglected by many, and only a small part of the most forward-thinking owners and managers of SMEs agree, that their success and even survival depends on whether their employees obtain new knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. It is no longer sufficient to spend 5 years in college or university – learning shall become “constant” within any company if it and its employees are to stay up-to-date and competitive. Conservative and slowly adapting SMEs are constantly being disrupted by quick innovative start ups, and since they employ around 2/3 of all working population in the EU, this trend leads to increasing unemployment and serious problems in society. On the other hand, the demand for certain “advanced” skills is higher than what is available on the market, and the gap is growing.

Claus Amann

Peter and Claus have decided to do something about this and created an e-learning platform aimed to introduce owner-managed SMEs to the attributes of an exponential organization and teach them the exponential growth techniques necessary to stay competitive. The e-learning system is divided into modules according to the ten attributes in S. Ismail’s book, and they have even developed an Identifier helping companies to detect the most needed modules at a particular moment. Later there will be added other important modules including the ones co-created with clients.

Despite the obvious advantages of applying this e-learning practice, the message is not easy to convey. The fact is, that the majority of SMEs’ owners are reluctant to admit that things are changing way too fast and disruption is a reality. But this does not stop Claus and Peter from thinking ahead. They have already developed a prototype of the e-learning system, keep approaching SMEs and are interested to collaborate with those who also see a threat to the wellbeing of the traditional middle class and society as a whole due to the fast development of technology and disruption (which, of course, also bring a lot of advantages). Given the number of SMEs in Europe and the US, this, apart from solving a number of serious societal problems, offers a great business potential, which becomes even bigger if we also consider adults as a whole – not just those employed by SMEs. This initiative is truly global and not limited to a single country.

In order to make this movement more visible and powerful Peter and Claus intend to create a community uniting people interested in the subject of learning in SMEs and life long learning as such, owners and managers of SMEs, professionals familiar with the Exo methodologies as well as employees and all adults experiencing lack of skills or simply concerned with the subject. to Claus and Peter is very much in line with what they are doing and what the UN goal 4 stands for. They decided to participate in the Sprint as they want to meet like-minded enthusiasts, get feedback, supplement their skills with the skills of others, find investors and spread the word.

We at strongly believe in the potential of Claus and Peter’s idea and hope that the community will grow fast. If you believe that there is a need for such an initiative and would like to join, feel free to reach out to Peter and Claus.

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