Kim Arazi

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Kim Arazi from Innosensi has an innovation and technology background and is, like many of us here, concerned with the future of workforce. Recently she became fascinated with the role our senses play in us being connected to ourselves, each other and the world, and how all this is going to affect us in the future. She looks at how our senses could and should be taken into consideration and incorporated into the rapidly developing technologies.

Kim emphasizes that if we mostly rely on just one of our senses – sight – given the amount of time spent tapping on screens daily, this will inevitably impact the way we interpret the world. The fact is that as multi-sensory beings we need to connect all our senses in order to get a proper understanding of the things around us and learn. This notion is crucial to keep in mind when innovating and developing new technologies for education, work, medical etc.

Kim used to produce technology events in the past, and she now tries to bring human senses into that technology. Put differently, she and Innosensi make people aware of a topic, issue or theme using a fusion of senses and technology, where, in line with the top 10 skills identified by the World Economic Forum as particularly needed in the future, the focus is on all human skills – those that AI and robotics will unlikely be able to replicate.

Kim was our guest at the recent Community call and gave some examples of how all this works in practice – watch a video below and visit for inspiration.

Meet Kim in this Educatefor.Life session:

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