Israel Ojeda Coronado

Updated: Feb 2

Mexican born Israel Ojeda Coronado believes that there is a direct link between Space and school education and is determined to prove it by creating a Space School which will work not only in Mexico, but in any country.

This idea has occupied him for the past 3 years along with the exponential growth concept and is rooted in his great passion for Space and intention to make a lasting positive change in society.

Having experienced a huge contrast of lifestyles between the developed and developing countries, Israel has tried to figure out: what is it that the Mexicans miss, that creates this huge gap? He has found the answer in combination of education, technology and ability to disrupt. The three factors can transform people’s lives, and his Space School is aimed to do the same.

Israel’s childhood passion for Space and dream to become an astronaut has led to a professional career in the Aerospace sector (Space management). His intention now is to make Mexican (and other) children see an astronaut as a cool role model, and he views the whole concept of Space as a means to stimulate kids’ curiosity and learning. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (the 5 STEAM fields) can all be learned in a fun and engaging way when Space is made interesting, and even if not everyone in the end dedicates their life to the Space-related matters, this has a potential to create a solid base for a professional career within any of the STEAM subjects.

Along with the development of Elon Musk’s Mars mission, Israel believes that now it’s time to “democratize” Space and prepare for the great achievements out there. The school kids of today, or the Mars generation, will build up a base on Mars and the Moon in the future, so it is crucial to make them believe that they are going to be part of something truly great and disruptive. Unfortunately, there isn’t much interest from the government or other influential organizations in giving the kids this opportunity, so it is up to enthusiastic entrepreneurs like Israel.

To Israel, starting this initiative in Mexico is a great opportunity to build an exponential organization and subsequently introduce it to the world. Transforming Mexico from being associated with drugs and narco barons to a country with an active Mars generation is his dream. Much work has already been done, but there is always room for improvement. Among other things, it is important to Israel to make the Space School curriculum equally applicable in any country and to any social category including the blind and the very poor who otherwise do not have access to that much. Israel is very sure that a school like this will help to solve multiple social problems in Mexico and the world including obesity, gender gap, extra-curriculum activities and more. He strongly believes that as responsible adults we need to value children’s interest and give them access to knowledge at a deeper level. Israel admits that he is doing this both for himself, as he is very passionate about the subject, but also for the Mexican kids, and in short describes his mission as “democratizing Space for the children”.

Parallel to the Space School project, Israel is a founder and CEO of – a company which helps organizations to prosper during the 4th Industrial Revolution. His Massive Transformative Purpose (or MTP in short) is “to create prosperity for truly everyone”, and he believes that prosperity can be created by education and implementing innovation in any organization. To Israel, pursuing both is very fulfilling and will make him reach his MTP.

If you, like Israel, see the subjects of Space and education as complimentary rather than contradictory and would like to collaborate with him during the Sprint, feel free to contact him. He is also open to discuss potential investment opportunities, and we are super excited to soon witness the opening of the first Space School in Mexico.

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