Edwin Moreno

Edwin Moreno is a great example of young energetic entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and aim for the stars. He could have become an actor, but because of financial difficulties after his parents’ divorce when he was still a teenager, there was a need to think in a different direction. He soon realized that great achievements require a certain mindset - that of a winner – which back in 2012 led him to Singularity University. In Silicon Valley he found a unique community which he immediately joined, and that “has changed his life forever”.

Edwin knew that in Mexico all the billionaires received some kind of help and support from the government and decided to become the first one different in this respect. As he puts it, he got “very

abscessed” with the exponential technologies and “why so few people were actually aware of them” and decided to do something about that.

Working in a non-traditional way in Mexico was not an easy path, and after some attempts Edwin decided to spend 2 days in total silence reflecting on the past and visualizing the desired future. This led to a clear personal Massive Transformative Purpose (or MTP in short) “Surfing together the digital era” which, in turn, gave a beginning to a new movement and own company surfing.digital. The idea of this movement is to create awareness about the Exo methodologies and their potential “in a cool non-scary way” - like surfing. “Surfing is not geek, it is cool and sexy and fun, it is community-based” and “even if you miss a wave, you can later pick the next one again”. “And even if the sea turns you over, it is still fun to be in the sea and you can learn to surf”. Edwin views the surfing.digital movement in the same way and developing it is his “personal life mission”.

Apart from working at surfing.digital, Edwin is teaching at the top Universities in Mexico and Latin America, so despite not becoming a professional actor, he is often seen on stage. Last year he actively collaborated with Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, on the WikiTRIBUNE initiative in Mexico. In fact, he helped bring WikiTRIBUNE to the Spanish-speaking part of the market at the same time learning a lot from Jimmy Wales who, to Edwin, is the world’s N.1 when it comes to community building. In addition to all that, Edwin is a certified Exo coach, the ambassador of the Exo Community in Mexico and Exponential Growth Director at Growth Institute.

Teaching is a serious passion of Edwin’s and he is determined to challenge and change the commonly accepted traditional teaching methods. He strongly believes in a challenge-based learning which stimulates formation of communities and development of multiple skills. His big dream at the moment is to create a community- and challenge-based game centered around teaching and learning about the Exponential growth principles. To Edwin, game is more engaging than education and everything he is doing now is about making this real.

He will bring own team to the Sprint, which for Edwin is a great chance to concentrate on the content while being professionally guided. This is something he will do for himself and surfing.digital – not for a client – so it will be a different and enriching experience. At the moment there are 3 Mexicans in the team including Edwin, and they would be glad to be accompanied by some Exo enthusiasts with other backgrounds. If you are one of them, feel free to contact Edwin.

It is fair to say, that Edwin Moreno represents the best corporate leaders of our time – the ones, who are active, passionate, determined to make lasting changes and constantly learning while taking time to reflect and “connect”. In his toughest times Edwin learned to meditate and understood the importance of slowing down, breathing and making decisions in a state of calm - not in a hurry. “Acting while being calm is much better, so yes, as an entrepreneur you have to be able to act, but it is also important to slow down as well”.

We at Educatefor.life are very excited to welcome Edwin and team onboard and believe that they will do great during the coming 12 weeks.

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