How to join us 

This Sprint is in-progress and is no longer open for new active participants. However you can still join in other roles such as Observer, Advisor, Sponsor or Investor. See below for more information. You are also welcome as a member of our global online community even if you are not going to participate in the our Sprint.


1. Choose one of these roles

You can apply for as many roles as you want, please fill our registration form for each role.



Create new ideas for the Future of Education and get to turn them into reality! Join a team or bring your own


Share your knowledge and experience from your field of expertise (e.g. Technology, Business, Education or other areas) with the Sprint Participant​


Follow the progress of the Sprint without direct involvement. You will be invited to observe the work of the teams and join the main events of the Sprint


Empower the Sprint Participants and be the enabler of new thinking! You can be engaged by the Sprint teams for single or multiple coaching sessions​


 Sponsor new initiatives or prizes, awards or other ways of recognizing the work of relevance to you, your business or Education in general​


Get access to the Sprint Teams and innovative ideas, products and services as they go through this Educatefor.Life Sprint, and consider investing when relevant for you and the Sprint team(s)

2. Register  

By clicking in this link

3. start engaging

Clicking the link above will take you directly into our online community platform. You can meet a few hundred awesome disruptors, who are working to design the future of education. Joining us?

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