Sprint Participants: individual and teams

The Educatefor.Life Sprint welcomes individuals, teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes. You can join as an individual participant or with your team up to 7 members with NO FEE. Bigger teams are welcome as well - the details are below!


You may be an entrepreneur or a student, part of a startup team or an educator, parent or a business professional. No specific knowledge or experience required. Just bring your interest and be ready to spend a recommended minimum of 8-10 hours per week on teamwork. Some choose to work as much as 15-40 hours per week during the Sprint, but our experience shows, that it is possible to develop highly valuable new ideas in much less time. You will be assigned to a team if you are not already in a team when you register.



with a team

You can register for the Educatefor.Life Sprint with your team - either representing one organization or comprised of individuals with different backgrounds but sharing the same interests and goals. We recommend keeping your team size between 5-7 participants. If there are more than 7 members, then your team is subject to a team fee of US$1,000. In this group your team cannot not represent an Education Service Provider.

What’s in it for you:
  • You explore the subject of your interest and collaborate with other like-minded enthusiast (whom you probably wouldn’t meet outside the Educatefor.life Sprint) while being professionally guided during the whole process

  • You get introduced to the most recent trends and challenges within the education sector, which will bring you to the edge and open many opportunities   

  • There is a great chance for the most innovative and promising ideas to be funded, further developed and implemented

  • You become part of a unique and highly motivated community both during and after the Sprint   

Meet a participant:

Linette, 27, Master student at Copenhagen Business School with major in innovation management. She is about to start working on her final project investigating how the new technologies could be implemented in the very "controlled" sectors like education and healthcare and what challenges and opportunities there are. She decided to join the sprint as an active participant as she hopes to get some valuable first-hand knowledge of and access to the most up-to-date ideas and initiatives in the field. Her plan is to work with this subject after the graduation and she finds the Sprint more than relevant in this respect.

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