If you are not immediately ready to join as an active Sprint participant or in any other role, but still want to be kept informed about the progress and outcomes of the Educatefor.Life Sprint, then you can register as an Observer. You will receive our updates on a regular basis along with invites (in listen-only mode) to some of the key events during the Sprint. Observers can follow us for FREE.

What’s in it for you:
  • You get introduced to the most recent trends and challenges within the education sector

  • You follow the work of the teams (though without being able to influence the choice of topics and discussions)

  • You OBSERVE at your convenience without binding commitments   

Meet an Observer:

Maria, mother of 2 from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her children are to start school next September, and this is causing her a lot of worries in terms of choosing the right place for them to spend the next many years. The tendency towards home-schooling is growing, as does the popularity of the specialised educational institutions, while "traditional" schools are facing a serious decrease in the number of students. All this makes the choice hard to make. Being a busy working mum, Maria decided to participate in this Sprint as an Observer in order to get acquainted with the latest tendencies in the field, learn about their pros and cons and, as a result, choose the right way for her kids to receive education.

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