2020 Educatefor.Life PRO Sprint

For Educational Institution Teams

10 weeks ExO Transformative Sprint

To Design the Future of Higher Education

Supported by 250+ Education Disruptors working for your team

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1. Study This Page

You are invited here for a reason. We are 250+ education disruptors that offer to work with you to design the future of higher education.

Browse our site and our online community platform for background

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Meet with Lars Lin, our Founder, to talk about how you can get 10x impact on your Educational business from participating in the EducateforLife 2020 PRO Sprint

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3. Configure

Configure the events and Sprint options that you want to be part of the Sprint for your Pro Team.

Use our online configurator and get our personal guidance for setting your Sprint up for success.

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4. Get Ready

We will send you all the information you need to get yourself ready for the Sprint.

You will get guidance from the Educatefor.Life team from the very beginning.

Buckle up, we are about to Sprint!


DIY -Team

A team of 4-8 participants from your organization go through the Sprint with a Coach and 250+ community collaborators

DIY + Ext Members

Bring a small core team from your organization and choose from 250+ education disruptors when you add 2-5 community members to work in your team. You still have the power of the community behind you when joining with a Mixed Team

100% Edge Team

We work with you to cherry-pick your team to consist entirely of community members who are not afraid of disrupting your existing business model. As a matter of fact, that is what drives them. Get a Black-Ops team that works for you and your new future!

Pick your

participation model


Head Coach

Lars Lin

Founder, ExO Coach

+5 years of Coaching Fortune500 Leaders, Business Schools, Governments

 Get coached to disrupt your current thinking about innovation in higher Education. The Coach Team are all trained and certified in the ExO Sprint methodology used for this Sprint and many of them are alumni of Singularity University who bring deep passion, experience and their network into the Sprint to help you innovate or intentionally disrupt the Educational industries for 10x (and above) better educational impact on Your students!

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Team Coach

To get different results, think and act differently. This is where coaching makes a huge difference.


10 weeks of coaching, 3 hours per week

Bring a team of 4-8 participants

Mobile Collaboration

The Sprint work does not have to stop while you are on the go!

Our collaboration tools work very well on mobile. Remote team work is how we mostly operate

Customer Validation

There is no faster way to validate your hypothesis. Invest your time only in the ideas that work in the market

Hands-on experimentation!

250+ Advisors

AI, Robotics or guidance on testing a new business model for your new innovative service?

You have 250+ advisors around you in our platform and the 3,000 Consultants from Exponential Organizations.

10 x 1 hour video calls included with any advisor of your choice

Proven Processes

The Sprint process is battle tested every single day across industries, including the Education domain.

Talk to our references to learn more about how to get 10x value from the Sprint

Building it

We build your new plane while we fly. Your new Sprint initiatives will come to life first in low-fidelity prototypes and after the Sprint in Minimum Viable Product(s)

Life-Long Learning

The 1-act career is behind us. What can you offer us throughout life that helps us be relevant in the future job market and develop 21st century skills? 

10x Your Reach

The smartest people do not work for you- or for me! Tap into the abundant world, leverage the Sprint to reach new communities, test in markets outside of your territory


Experiment your way to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things and many other technologies while working on any Sprint initiatives. Tech will be part of the solution!

Exponential Attributes

How do you compete with free world-class, online content and how do you serve a global market? Apply the ExO Attributes by joining this Sprint!

DYI Sprint Team Fee

Sprint period: 24.Feb - 12.May 2020

The following proposed Sprint can be configured differently. Ask for our support

Team Size


Coach hours

Advisor Calls

Community Feedback

4-8 Participants

Selected after team registration

3 hours per week (per team)

10 x 1 hours


24. Feb: Awake Workshop


Said about the 2019 Sprint



See how the 2019 Sprint worked

Preparations Course.jpg
EducateforLife 2019 Explained.jpg

Prep Course for Participants

The Sprint Process Explained

Past Sprint Events.jpg

Recordings of the major Sprint workshops are available here

2019 Sprint Course.jpg

The Full Sprint, assignments,

recordings, it's all here

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