Investors are important contributors to the success of the Sprint Teams, as they are providing support, advise, feedback, access to own networks etc. Registered Investors get access to the Sprint Teams from the beginning of the Sprint, so they can follow the teams, their progress and development of their ideas. As the teams begin to create more “solid” initiatives, they will be interested in approaching potential investors for qualified feedback and establishing mutually rewarding relations. Investors are neither expected nor recommended to place any investments in the Sprint Teams until after the Final Launch Event, which marks the end of the Educatefor.Life Sprint.


Investors place investments at own risk and negotiate terms and conditions directly with the Sprint Team(s) of their choice.


Syndicated investment option: Investors are welcome to contact Educatefor.Life if they are interested in participating in Syndicates; single-deal VC funds may be created upon interest to invest in a specific startup. However investors who are part of our community will have preferential access to new investment opportunities.

What’s in it for you:
  • You get access to a variety of the most innovative and highly demanded ideas offering great business potential  

  • You directly contribute to the development and implementation of innovative ideas/products/services created by the Sprint Team(s)

  • You invest in the initiatives and teams of your own choice

  • You further explore the area of your interest by being directly involved in the whole Sprint process  

  • You become part of a unique and highly motivated community, expand your network and get recognized for your investment

Meet an investor:

Carlos Tamayo, father of three little kids, Carlos is ready to invest in the initiatives which can transform/revolutionize the existing education system. It could be an educational platform or even a center where children could “expand their minds and ideas without limitations while learning and getting ready for the nonstationary transformation our world is undergoing”. Carlos also sees a huge potential in AI applications for education in addition to the already existing ones.


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