Teaching technology platforms

Platforms that connect teachers and students.

Learning management systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) administer, document, track, report and deliver learning. Educational assets are uploaded to the Learning Management System, which makes them accessible for remote learners. In some cases, the LMS may have built-in eLearning authoring tools that allow the user to develop online training materials without additional third-party software.

  • Differ

Social platforms

Social platforms connect students with each other. In K-12 settings, social platforms are being used to connect students and educators to other stakeholders, such as parents. Some, such as Graduway, focus on communication between alumni and on career growth.

Educational games

  • E&M Labs

  • Kiko Labs

  • Taamkru

  • Tropic Mind

Content researchers, aggregators and providers

Open access academic journals and publishers

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are shared teaching, learning, and research resources available under legally recognized open licenses.


  • Reed Elsevier

Second hand textbooks

Online Courses

These include massive open online course (MOOC) platforms and proprietary operators.

  • 42

  • Miradox

  • Open2Study

  • ​Plural Sight

  • Xuetangx

Content creators

  • Sparkler

English language teaching (ELT) and language learning

Companies that provide a platform and content for language learning and others that utilize technology to facilitate live contact with a human instructor.

  • 5roots

  • English Central

  • Forge

  • Liu Lishuo

  • Sure Way English

  • The TalkList

  • Univoice

  • Use Speak Easy

Learning disabilities

These companies offer products or platforms that aim to overcome learning disabilities.

  • Joconoi Solutions

Accredited programs

These companies partner with universities to offer a variety of accredited general courses online.

  • 2U

  • Ed2Go

  • Forest Trail

  • Minerva (company)

  • Quad Learning

Institutional, program, and classroom management

Institutional management

Institutional management programs include scheduling and events calendaring software.

  • EduAPP

  • Huron

  • ZoHo

Online Program Management (OPM)

  • 2U

  • Academic Partnerships

  • Bisk

  • Wiley Educations Solutions

Classroom management software

Classroom management software assists in the creation of a class environment meant to better engage students in the learning process. These tools can limit students distraction, give teachers visibility to students' screens, and also give parent's visibility to how their child is performing in class.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

  • Amplifire

  • Burning-glass

  • Campus Care Software

  • Campus Labs

  • Cornerstone

  • Liaison Edu

  • Nuroretention

  • Power School

  • Renaissance

  • ReUp Education

  • Sense.Education

  • School Tool

  • School Runner

Educator management

  • Academic Keys

  • Adjunct Finder

  • Chronicle Vitae

  • Frontline Education

  • Heliosed

  • HercJobs

  • Higher Ed Jobs

  • KDSI

  • Performance Matters

  • Randa Solutions

  • School Improvement

  • School Spring

  • Teachers.on

  • Tes Global

  • TNTP

  • Whetstone Education

Financing and support

Venture capital, incubators, accelerators, and student loan and debt repayment companies for focus on education, educational technology, and students.

Venture capital

Firms that provide funding to ed tech companies and non-profits.

  • Aarin Inspired Capital

  • Kaizen

  • Rethink Education

  • Sequoia

  • ShunWei Capital

  • University Ventures

  • Unitus Ventures

Incubators and accelerators

Student loans and financing

These include lenders, micro-lenders, and payment processing companies.

  • Lumni

  • Scholarship Portal

  • SixUp

Education ICOs

  • Code of Talent

  • Coin2College

  • DD Coin

  • EdToken

  • Expercoin

  • Extra Credit

  • HolidayCoin

  • KNW Token

  • Larecoin

  • PeruCoin

  • TootyrToken

  • True Reply Token

  • TuteCoin

  • Tutellus


  • Common Sense Education

  • iLearn Collaborative

  • iNACOL

  • Project Tomorrow

  • Digital Promise

  • Future Ready Schools

  • Education SuperHighway

  • ConnectSafely

Alternative educational for children

Career advancement and planning

These companies offer coursework and mentorship for people interested in furthering their career.

  • Austern International

  • BigInterview

  • BLS

  • Career Leader

  • Case Interview

  • FirmsConsulting

  • Gainlo

  • Modern Guild

  • Intersective

  • Job Outlook

  • My Future

  • Onet Online

  • QLC

  • SkillsRoad

  • Start Profile

  • Stepping blocks

  • Transplant Career

  • Upstart Academy

  • Vault

  • Vmock

  • Wetfeet

Bootcamps and engineering courses

Short, full-time programs that teach digital, technical, or other career-focused skills. Coding bootcamps cab last from 6 weeks to 2 years and focus on fast, high impact learning.

  • 42

  • Designation

  • Laboratoria

  • Revature

  • Secure Set

  • Tech Talent South

  • The Firehouse Project

Ed Tech Events


Event name



AFR HE Summit

Melbourne, Australia

August 27-28, 2019


London, UK


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BMO Back to School

New York, US

Connected Learning Summit

Irvine, US

Dare to Learn

Helsinki, Finland

Digital Learning Annual Conference

Austin, US

ED Games Expo

Washington DC, US

EdSurge Fusion

San Francisco, US

EdTech Asia Summit

Hong Kong, China

EdTech Conference

Laatzen, Germany

EdTech Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

EdTechX Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

EdTechX Asia


Education Expo

Beijing, China

Education Innovation Conference

Bangalore, India


Manila, Philippines

EduTech Australia

Sydney, Australia

EduTechX Europe

London, UK


Beijing, China

GET China

Beijing, China


Beijing, China

International Schools China

Shanghai, China

Israel EdTech Summit

Tel Aviv, Israel

ISTE Conference

Chicago, US


Learning theories and methods

  • Instructivism

  • ​Language parsing


  • Education Revolution

  • ChatENG

  • Zelda Learning

  • BlockSpaces

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