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We have identified major trends and challenges which will shape the future of education -and we as a global community wants to actively design and implement the future of education across all verticals and for all phases of life. 

As a partner, you have big ambitions too and a deeply rooted desire to make a difference. If you choose to make a difference in open collaboration at global scale, then you may be a great fit as partner for Educatefor.Life. Let's talk about how that partnership can look like.

  • Higher Education Partner

The only thing we know for sure about the future of higher education is, that is will not be the same

  • Teachers of the future & educating the educators

What will the role of a teacher in the future learning process look like; shift from lecturing to engaging; new takes on teaching methodology, pedagogic innovations, the most needed skills for teachers to succeed in the role etc.

  • Learning content/curricula for success in the future

Which new subjects will be brought into curricula by the 4th industrial revolution; soft skills vs. hard skills; individualized education, education on sustainability; vocational education and counselling; ethics, norms & values in contemporary education; ubiquitous and LLL- lifelong learning; learning vs. education; evaluation and examination of the future etc.

  •   Learning environment and alternative ways of teaching

Let’s analyze public schools’ challenges; homeschooling; borderless education and global mobility; virtual Learning Environments; pros and cons of e-education/distant education etc.

  • Teaching & politics and economic development

Share your opinions on global vs. local education standards; rural and indigenous education; role of global education NGOs; the impact of Education on global and local development; business, administration and management in education; the need to address the sustainability trend etc.


  • Suggested by the Sprint Participants


  1. Change of attitudes toward education for neurotypical and, in particular, non-neurotypical children

  2. Non-Verbal communication as a way to overcome barriers worldwide

  3. How to educate more people - especially girls and women - to improve society

  4. How to enable educational institutions and learning systems to evolve and prepare for the challenges of the future 

  5. Entrepreneurship Education for kids

  6. New takes on the after school concept   

  7. The initiatives that are driving innovation in education and how they could impact a broader audience  

  8. Massive transformative purpose for every student as a driver of their learning and development

  9. Community dedicated to LLL in small and medium companies

  10. Education for 40+ and elderly

  11. Parental education

  12. New ways to combine the heavy school agenda and social activities for kids in countries where it is a problem 

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