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A Human Resource Crisis of Massive Dimensions is in the making!


If the current pace of change in our world continues, and we believe it will only continue to accelerate, we will need a dynamic education and learning agenda that is responsive to technological advancements and fits the demands of a changing economic landscape and workforce needs.


Our workforce does not reflect society--- it probably never did, but the gap is widening at a faster pace than ever and our education systems are not able to keep up. Many adults and kids of all ages are feeling lost in mass-educational structures designed decades ago for the Industrial Age. The rapidly shortening half-life of acquired skills and the growing need for personalized education are just some of the global challenges the world of Education is facing. 


The world needs to develop creators rather than consumers from a very young age, as the future of humanity depends on creative thinking and problem-solving skills more than ever before. Robotics and artificial intelligence will continue to replace our human workforce on tasks that can easily be automated or augmented. More of us will need to create our own jobs and income and depend less on long-term careers. This requires a change of mindset for many to thrive rather than survive.


The Educatefor.Life team will be facilitating this 10-week project, which we call a global Open Innovation Sprint, where anyone with an interest in creating new ways of delivering Education and Learning of any type is invited to participate.


You can choose to join in one or more roles, either as a Sprint Participant, Advisor, Coach, Investor or Sponsor. You can read more about these roles on our website.


The Educatefor.Life Sprint is initiated and led by Lars Lin Villebaek, an Entrepreneur and specialist in Coaching leaders and founders of Exponential Organisations. Lars has formed a team of very experienced change agents, coaches, business leaders and educators to work with you and our community throughout this project.


We will be experimenting on the edge of the education system and on the edge of any other organisation we know of, to discover new ways that can lead us to the Future of Education and life-long learning. Any outcome and learnings from the Sprint are shared and made available to all partipants and collaborators and we hope to see new ideas materialise into products, services, new businesses or any other continued development of the initiatives that are being worked on during our project.


We invite you to join our community through the registration form on this website and share the message in your network if you like what we do.


You will find more detailed descriptions of our project on this website.


Join our community and join the Educatefor.Life Sprint, wherever you are, whatever you do. We work together online and look forward to supporting the global work on solving some of the Educational challenges.


/Lars Lin, Founder and Initiative Lead


"@UNESCO: #Education needs to change fundamentally to meet global development goals "


“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

Nelson Mandela

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