The first

12-Week Sprint explained

How it works - Stage by stage



Your Preparation Phase begins right after your registration, where you receive an email with all the details you need.


The Awake Stage is designed to make you and your team aware of what’s happening in the world and what to do about it. Time to awaken Yourself, Your Team, Your Organization!


Everyone involved in the process should comprehend how external industry disruption might affect the Education sector. Also, topics such as the difference between linear and exponential thinking and the tremendous opportunities exponential technologies bring will be covered.


You have at Your fingertips the opportunity to design the Future of Education and make the world a better place.


At this stage, you and your team will be coming up with many inspiring ideas that will be tested and further developed in the coming stages.

You will be guided every step of the way. 


If you are joining as an individual we will suggest great teams for you to join.


As Thomas Edison said, "To have a great idea, have a lot of them". You will, join us and see for yourself!


At this stage, you should not limit yourself. Think BIG! 


This stage is about testing your ideas out in the real world.


Building prototypes, seeking feedback from real users and iterating on the design business model of your 

product / service ideas is the way to best find your market, your users and the right partners inside or outside of the Educational systems.

Being able to do it without getting attacked by the "Educational immune system" is an important dimension that we will introduce you to during the Sprint.


You can choose to work on ideas that will be supplementing and improving the existing Education systems (called Core ideas) or on disruptive ideas as alternatives to the Education system (Edge ideas). 


After validation of your key hypothesis, it is time to build a real product, service or what else you have designed so far.


The Acceleration stage is where your team launches the first version of your product.


This can be done in cooperation with acceleration partners of your choice, who can work with you if you decide to move forward to implementation of your ideas. We will get you connected to partners if you wish, based on your needs.


This stage is also typically where investors begin to get actively involved apart from the advise they would have provided at easier stages. 

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